Meetings of the Community Council are held on the third Tuesday of every month, 7pm at the National Park Visitor Centre, Libanus.

Members of our community are entitled to attend as observers but if you wish to speak at our meetings, please Contact Us in advance to arrange this.


MeetingDecision NoticeMinutes
December 2024
November 2024
October 2024
September 2024
July 2024
June 2024
May 2024Decision Notice May 2024Minutes May 2024
April 2024Decision Notice April 2024Minutes April 2024
March 2024Decision Notice March 2024Minutes March 2024
February 2024Decision Notice February 2024Minutes February 2024
January 2024Decision Notice January 2024Minutes January 2024


MeetingDecision NoticeMinutes
December 2023Decision Notice December 2023Minutes December 2023
November 2023Decision Notice November 2023Minutes November 2023
October 2023Decision Notice October 2023Minutes October 2023
September 2023Decision Notice September 2023Minutes September 2023
July 2023Decision Notice July 2023Minutes July 2023
June 2023Decision Notice June 2023Minutes June 2023
May 2023Decision Notice May 2023Minutes May 2023 updated
April 2023Decision Notice April 2023Minutes April 2023
March 2023Decision Notice March 2023Minutes March 2023
February 2023Decision Notice February 2023Minutes February 2023
January 2023Decision Notice January 2023Minutes January 2023

MeetingDecision NoticeMinutes
December 2022Decision Notice December 2022Minutes December 2022
November 2022Decision Notice November 2022Minutes November 2022
October 2022Decision Notice October 2022Minutes October 2022
September 2022No meetingNo meeting
July 2022Decision Notice July 2022Minutes July 2022
June 2022Decision Notice June 2022Minutes June 2022 amended
May 2022Decision Notice May 2022Minutes May 2022
April 2022Decision Notice April 2022Minutes April 2022
March 2022Decision Notice March 2022Minutes March 2022
February 2022Decision Notice February 2022Minutes February 2022
January 2022Decision Notice January 2022Minutes January 2022