Llanspyddid is a small village huddled on one side of a valley, which is situated approximately 2 miles west of Brecon just of the A40 on the way to Sennybridge.

The village consists of about 100 houses, the marvellous and historic St. Cattwg’s Church and cemetery, a community field dedicated by the Church, and community playground central to the village.

St. Cattwg’s is an active church with regular church services and community events, and the cemetery is often visited by people exploring their family roots.

In the past Llanspyddid won ‘Best Kept Village’ for 3 consecutive years. A plaque was presented to the village by the Rural District Council of Brecknock in 1971.

With the major Churchyard/field Restoration taking place, to improve the sight of the village and churchyard, we are also affecting some of the local wildlife homes.

So to try and compensate for this we are in the process of building bird boxes which will be sited around the churchyard.

Obviously this will not replace the old trees / brambles that they may have enjoyed using in the past, but at least we are trying to be a bit helpful towards wildlife. 12 bird boxes have now been sited in various trees within the churchyard, all have numbers located on the front.

or more in depth information about Llanspyddid, you can visit the Llanspyddid website